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***CLEARANCE*** Apertura 2 Inch 2x ED Barlow Lens with Brass Compression Ring

Manufacturer Product Number: A2XBARLOW

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List Price: $129.99

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Apertura 2 Inch 2x ED Barlow

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  • Apertura 2 Inch 2x ED Barlow - Back
  • Fits 2" or 1.25" eyepieces with included adapter.  Brass compression ring protects valuable eyepieces.
  • Lens cell made of ED glass (Extra-low Dispersion) for exceptional optical performance.  Threaded to accept 2" filters.
  • 1.25" adapter removed
  • 1.25" adapter and the Barlow lens cell removed
  • Expanded view of Barlow component parts

Quick Overview

The Apertura brand 2" diameter 2X ED Barlow Lens


The Apertura 2” 2X ED Barlow Lens doubles the magnification of any telescope eyepiece. This Barlow lens is manufactured with Extra-low Dispersion (ED) optical glass and is fully multi-coated to maximize starlight that can reach your eye with exceptional contrast, image quality and sharpness. This is a far superior design to manufacturing with standard optical glass that can actually diminish starlight penetration of the lenses.


With the 1.25” adapter included, the Apertura Barlow lens will fit a 2” focuser and accommodate any 1.25” eyepiece as well. The Barlow lens and the 1.25" adapter both contain a brass compression ring to ensure that the set screws won’t scratch the barrel of the inserted eyepiece. The Barlow is threaded to accept 2" filters and has a removable lens cell.


The lens cell of the Barlow lens may be removed from the Barlow tube and attached directly to a 2" threaded eyepiece; it will then increase the magnification of the eyepiece by approximately 1.5x.

Customer Reviews

Big Bang for the Buck!

Review by Newstrogazer | Posted on 12/26/14

This 2" 2X Barlow is of excellent quality - especially for the price. I had debated whether to purchase a 2" or 1.25" Barlow, and I'm glad that I chose the 2". It effectively doubles the power of the 30mm SuperView EP that came with my AD10, while maintaining good eye relief. It also comes with a 1.25" adapter, so it works with both diameter eyepieces. Highly recommended!
You deserve a fine Barlow!

Review by Suhndog | Posted on 5/7/12

I am happily using this fine Barlow with not only with my quality Apertura Plossls, but am having great views with my Explore Scientific EP's as well. Budget priced, yet high quality with the added versatility of handling both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces with filters. Folks tend to only buy 'name-brand' products knowing they'll get top-quality, but you can safely and easily add Apertura to your short list of great quality optics and accessories! Another factor in purchasing quality items is the service you will obtain with your fine optical items. You can buy with confidence, not only this great Barlow, but any item from Opticsmart - knowing you'll Always receive the best of both worlds' (great products and service) ...and beyond!
great value for a really low price,uubeatable customer service,tech support!

Review by igotit | Posted on 4/26/12

recently i was in the market for a budget 2 inch 1.5-2x barlow.
i looked at a few brands,including the popular antares budget barlow.
after reading many reviews....i settled for the GSO apertura 2x barlow....glad i did.

unlike other brands that cost more,the aperture ed barlow can accept 2 inch threaded filters,the lens cell is removable converting her into a 1.5 barlow.includes a 1.25 adapter.with compression ring setup.
added my 35mm extension....turns out to be a 3x barlow.

optics are suprisingly crisp and clear for only $61 shipped.
i read a few reviews....one in particular comparing it to a $120 antares 1.5 barlow.
optics are reported the same,clarity is the same.
the apertura (DSO) shined in the ability to convert to a 1.5....and the threaded filter option.

the views i seen were unbelievable with my 30mm wide feild and 2x barlow....even more so when i stacked the 35mm behind the barlow.
saturn was the biggest id ever see in my ad12 dob with 2x barlow,stacked my 35mm ext.,my cheap meade 2x barlow and 10mm apertura ep.

if your looking into a 2 inch barlow....give apertura a look.

Works Fantastic

Review by Noah | Posted on 1/11/12

This is my first Barlow lens so I have nothing to compare it to. That said, it works perfectly. I've used it with 9mm 1.25" plossl and 2" 30mm plossl. It does exactly what it's supposed to do.
Great Value and Great People to deal with.

Review by Mark | Posted on 12/30/11

The fit and finish of this lens is very nice. For the price, it has great features such as the brass compression rings, 1.25" adapter and it accepts the 2" filters. Due to stormy weather since receiving it, I have not been able to test it out optically.

The service I received from Opticsmart has been great. They made a special entry in their web site so that I could order it from Canada. The shipping cost was very reasonable and it arrived well packaged in just 8 days. That's service!
Magnifies images by a factor of two

Review by Dan | Posted on 12/28/11

If you're looking for a 2" barlow, this one will certainly do the trick. Fit and finish aren't perfect, but the views are fine with no noticeable distortions or dimming and very little vignetting. I couldn't find a better deal on one elsewhere, and Opticsmart are great to deal with.
Great Accessory and High Quality!

Review by Geoff | Posted on 12/20/11

I purchased this to go with my Apertura AD8 Telescope. It is a good quality, fairly heavy lens and is well built. Optically it has performed very well with my 30mm and 9mm plossl's, and comes with an adapter for 1.25" eyepieces (so it works with both 2" and 1.25"). It comes with a storage case too. Great accessory for any telescope and a good lens regardless of the price! (which is very reasonable)

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